Past few months

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Its been few months since I have updated my blog... Quite few stuff happening, been busy with assignments and exams; now finally the semester 2 is over...

Some flash back activities I have joined with my friends:

1) Hoiyi's graduation

After few months away, Hoiyi back to TWB with her family to attend her graduation. We were missing her so much! Anyway, it was a really great gathering before we are apart again. Besides her graduation that day, Willy and Derrick were also graduated on the same time.

On the way
Hoiyi & her family
Willy grads
Most of us who were there

2) Seb's Bday celebration + Brisbane

This year, Sebbie was planning for his special bday at Brisbane.. Again, we had lots of fun and sure brings alots sweet memories in this trip..
@ Brisbane, just arrived
In the train
Outside Lean's house
@ Chinatown
Seb's special bday dinner

3) Gym classes

Its been few months since I've joined the gym @ Uni with few of my fun friends! We attended few classes regularly - Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Step, Body Balance, Body Combat and Zumba... Besides train for fitness, try to lose weight and of course... hanging out with friends while doing the exercise certainly the best moment to get away from study stress!
@ Body Attack class
Ladies =)
Body Attack rocks!
Youngest instructors we had in Body Attack/Pump classes

4) Mid-Autumn Festival

We had a small gathering for the mid-autumn festival dinner before everyone start busy to rush for their assignments' due date...
5) Halloween

This year finally I was able to join for short time on the Halloween day...The exam was few days away but decided not to missed it and took break from study, joined them to celebrate and make fun on the scary day...
Everyone has scary customes
Supposedly scary but turn out very funny events!

6) Exam period
Study and revision for exams

I am so glad that I did passed for CCNA3 and CCNA4 which completes my CCNA course in uni.. Yeah! Now we are waiting for exam results which is coming out on next week...

Meow relaxing...

On the mean time, I'm just resting and spend more times in working and will start do self study for IELTS exam coming next year... Also can't wait to go home to celebrate CNY...


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This is really outdated post...Been really busy for past months and not to mention lazy..Not much happening around me other than routine stuffs (sounds boring)...

Anyway, this is group photos of some of my classmates who attended the CCNA 1 & 2 certificates ceremony....Seem like there's less people who took the course each year... To be honest, this is really an interesting course and easier to understand and most importantly to learn in more technical ways.

This semester I am taking CCNA 3 and 4...Fortunately I just passed my CCNA 3 test recently and still in progress study for the last one for the test by end of the semester...Also, it is getting harder and hope I could manage it...

Other than that, upcoming would be some events - hoiyi's graduation and seb's birthday party in this week..Hopefully I will have some times to update here soon :D

A night to remember =)

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The next day after my bday celebration, we went for the Night to Remember which was organized by ANS group; that we usually attend for Power Night.

It was the "Masquerade" team where everyone is given the mask for us to decorate it...

Everyone is giving their best shot to make their best, coolest, creative mask for the night...Well, since we were rushing for our other activities, we end up making the mask till 3am in the morning....And it was really fun!

Also, everyone wore their best semi-formal to formal clothes that night up to the theme...

Food time
Games time!
We had lots of fun of playing some games, enjoyed live music, dancing night, nice food and excited lucky draw!!

Cool :D

We sure enjoyed very much able to gather everyone to have fun party which something that we could always remember and be in our memories always...

Gonna miss who are going to leave us soon and hope we could meet again sometimes in near future =) Friendship forever!....

Birthday celebration

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Its seem ages since I have updated my blog - partially was too busy with assignments + end of semester exams & being lazy...

Anyway, I am having 3 weeks of holidays which right now is 2nd week already! So quick! I just realize that the courses that I've enrolled for next semester is already available online on studydesk..Aiya, headache to think of it...

Well, Last weekend was so busy and yet so fun!!! I celebrated my birthday party on 2 July with my friend, Leandra at my friend's unit in Student Village...Everything was well planned but somehow we always just rush in time when time comes..But it was full of fun and I really love it!!

Some of the pictures below...

Welcome to Stella & Leandra bday celebration
Tag ur name for your own cup
A special little bday cornerHave some lollipops!Some of the food prepared & contributed that dayLove my special 'korean' hairdo by Gigi from Korea
Early bids friends who attended that eveningBo who dropped by =)Tadaaaaa - Leandra & me who celebrated our bdayAll friends who attended that day!!

I am really appreciated and thanks all my friends who borrowed us their place, who helped me decorated the place, who helped me cleaned the place, who contributed delicious food, are able to make it that day, who helped me alot to make this happened!!! Also thanks for the wonderful presents!

A big big big thanks to: Michelle, Hoiyi, Sebby, Liang, Eric, Leandra, Roy, Agnes, Gigi, Teressa, Thomas, Grace, Willy, Will, Min, Ted, Wendy, Li san, Min, Yvonne, Edna, Ben, Jiaren & Stephenie.......Hope I dun miss anyone here...

It was an unforgettable bday celebration that I had!!!

All time fav food!

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Aaaaaa.. I missed my favourite food soooo much especially when I am so hungry rite now...Just random pic which taken during back to Msia few months ago....

Japanese food
@ Sushi Zanmai

@ Pasta Zanmai

And Nandos too!...

@ Nandos

Honestly speaking, among Nandos that I've tried in Msia, UK and Aus.....UK has the best Nandos Restaurant I've ever had..cause they have more different sauces, best coleslaw and bigger portion of chicken!!!

R u hungry too?